South Pacific Island

The South Pacific stage of Tomb Raider III takes place on the island of Kuru in the Pacific Ocean. The exact location of the island is difficult to judge, but it lies somewhere north of the island of Papua and east of the Phillipine islands. This could mean it is an unincorporated part of Palau, Guam or Micronesia.

It is demonstrated that some of the islanders speak basic English, perhaps because of the arrival of missionaries as well as the ill-fated Smythe, owner of the Ora Dagger. The tribesmen themselves are descended from the Tinnosean inhabitants of the island near Antarctica - the place they named Kuma-Kuma. An advanced Polynesian civilisation, they brought much of their technology and building expertise to Kuru - however in recent centuries, they seem to have lost much of the skills they once possessed as many of the buildings on the island are ruined.

The South Pacific stage consists of the levels of:

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